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Our Mission - Helping people share the positive difference they are making in the world.  We use the most powerful and compelling tool on earth, motion pictures and a variety of effective and efficient distribution means to we educate, inspire and empower people to solve the complex problems we face in society today.

Not since the Brooks Baxter War of 1874 has the United States of America faced one state’s struggle for who was the rightful Governor of that state. 122 years later, on July 15, 1996, another constitutional crisis explodes between two men: Jim Guy Tucker and Mike Huckabee.   



Why? One word: Whitewater, an investigation into the real estate investments of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates. While the Clintons were never charged with any crime, fifteen individuals were convicted of more than 40 crimes, including Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, who was required to step down from office. 



Two minutes before the national media was to broadcast the historic moment of Lt. Governor Mike Huckabee being sworn in as the new governor, he receives a shocking call from Governor Tucker, who informs Lt. Governor Huckabee his refusal to relinquish the office of Governor. 

Cameras capture the confusion, the emotions, and the resolve of this historic event for the next four hours. 



A documentary is in development to tell the epic story of how Bill and Hillary Clinton's rise to Presidential infamy began in Arkansas. It will explore the events and circumstances leading up to that day in the summer of 1996 and how lives were forever changed.  


CAPITOL CRISIS - The documentary  Film



AMPLIFYING TRUTH is traveling and telling amazing stories of people, programs and purpose that are creating positive change in the world.   This is what the future of addiction  & trauma recovery will look like in the future.  Why?  Because is works!


AMPLIFYING TRUTH was on the road and discovered  an amazing woman with purpose who founded Angel's Grove.  This nonprofit, in Louisiana, rescues horses from kill pens trains them at their ranches and offers equine therapy and housing to special needs individuals and homeless veterans.  

This is the first of many stories of people with passion and purpose

on the frontline, making a difference.