From awakening full length documentaries and feature films to compelling, educational short movies to live online streaming events, Amplifying Truth is the place to discover truth and wisdom that feeds your body, mind, spirit and soul.  Our programs feature members of our vast coalition of nonprofit "change agents" work are on the frontline attacking social challenges such as homelessness, suicide, alternative health and wellness  solutions, implant illness awareness, sustainable living and many other topics.

As a nonprofit we seek financial support, we implement a proprietary charitable giving of real estate program and we desire to connect  with other “difference makers” who are on the front lines.


A documentary movie from behind the scenes footage in the mid 1990's illustrating how both political parties joined together to avoid this historical constitutional crisis during the Clinton Whitewater Scandal.  


Fifteen individuals were convicted of more than 40 crimes, including Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker.  While the Clintons were never formally charged, Governor Tucker was required to step down from office. 

Two minutes before the national media was to broadcast the historic moment of Lt. Governor Mike Huckabee, being sworn in as the 44th governor, he received a shocking phone call. As cameras rolled, Governor Tucker announced that he was refusing to relinquish his office. 

There was no precedent for resolving the escalating  hysteria and confusion other than bipartisan reason and calm, yet steadfast leadership. 


We  have launched a centralized clearing house creating empowering results for purpose driven programs, events and vital humanitarian projects globally.

PAP is a dynamic movement unifying CHANGE AGENTS of like-heart and like-mind to act upon and provide services, education, events, funding and housing as well as many other charitable projects, so that we together may benefit those in need.

Our mission is a cooperative movement, a worldwide network where we become catalysts for positive change and desired outcomes.

Join our movement, become a CHANGE AGENT with PAP.  We thank you for your time and generosity of spirit in service.    


The full length documentary movie based on the book, currently in development, of the same name. The film maps the evolution of the the nature and purpose of female breasts, both in humans and other species, leading to the current industry-driven obsession of breast implants and its deadly impact on its victims.  Revealed, is the Truth in medical and scientific research illustrating the cold reality of an industry’s deceit & corruption, hidden from public view.


There exists an authentic ancestral knowledge, buried deep within our DNA, an umbilical cord to our beginnings as a human race.  That connection and relationship to the planet, God/Great Spirit and each other is the foundation that gives humanity hope for a sustainable and desired destiny.


"The world is changing, and it's time to pay attention - for humankind to find value in our lives as intrinsically related to the other-than-human.  Prophecies, from biblical scriptures to indigenous cultures around the world, tell us we are at a crossroad and we must make a choice

Every human being has Ancestors in their lineage and most of us have lost a vital connection to our roots that hold critical knowledge and wisdom that can help us navigate through the collapsing paradigms of the coming days.  


Our filming of this “Ancestral Awakening” has filmed hundreds of hours of indigenous elders with current filming of the decedents of our early American settlers who have maintained the survival skills and principles they continue to apply every day.


Our foundation for the future is clearly in the strands of spirallng heritage that give us our roots and the threads to the future.  The door is open, the time is now.

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